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(Postbiotic supplement)


Butyrate is like a super fuel for the cells in your colon, helping them work better and keeping your gut healthy. About 60-70% of the energy these cells need comes from butyrate. It also helps good bacteria grow and strengthens the wall of your gut. There's a special version of butyrate called 'tributyrin' that's superior because it's easy for your body to use and doesn't have a bad smell or taste."

Reasons why your provider may be recommending NuButyrate

• Enhance gut health
• Autoimmune regime
• Improve gut microbiota
• Post antibiotic therapy
• Immune health
• Resistance to weight loss
• Improve gut-brain axis

How to take it and what to expect

• Take 2 capsules by mouth on an empty stomach
• Side effects may include changes in bowel movements

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