Medicare Weight Loss

Traditional Medicare Offers Medical Weight Loss

Medicare has specific rules to follow per the Intensive Behavioral Therapy protocol.

  • Must have a BMI of 30 or greater.
  • You are allowed up to 22 visits per calendar year.
  • You must lose at least 6.6 pounds during the first 6 months in order for Medicare to cover the next 6 months of Intensive Behavioral Therapy.
  • The visits will have designated time intervals, as listed below.
  • In the first month, every week
  • Next five months, every two weeks
  • Next six months, every month

Real Patient Results

Stephanie lost 77 pounds and stopped 6 diabetic and blood pressure medications after the Medicare weight loss program.

Medicare health insurance has agreed to cover the following services

Physician Visits: Standard Medicare Coverage

Medicare will cover 80% of the physician visit. You (the patient) will be responsible for the other 20% which will be due at the time of service, unless you have a secondary insurance in which Dr. Rogers Medical Group will process billing to the secondary insurance. You will be responsible for your deductible at the time of service.

Nutrition Visits

The initial weight loss nutrition visit cost $100 dollars. Then follow up nutrition visits are $20 per 15 minutes.

Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Loss

Medicare will pay in full for 22 medical weight loss visits per calendar year if all requirements are met, as stated earlier.

Optional Available Services

  • HCG Injections
  • Wegovy
  • Zepbound
  • Lipotrophic Injections
  • Synergistic Supplements