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Direct Primary Care Membership: Seven Exam Components

Medical Exam and Counseling

Experience a thorough yearly review of your medical history and a detailed physical examination conducted by your primary care provider at Dr. Rogers Centers. With a focus on cardiovascular health and preventative screening, our providers contextualize your results and offer personalized recommendations for healthy living.

Blood Analysis

Benefit from a comprehensive analysis, including vital markers such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels, complete blood count, urinalysis, and more. This yearly assessment, complimentary with your membership, provides essential insights into your overall health.

Hormone Evaluation

Optimize your well-being by discussing hormone-related symptoms and reviewing testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone levels. Our providers tailor recommendations to promote hormonal balance and overall health.

Skin Cancer Screening

Receive a thorough head-to-toe screening for skin cancer and other dermatological conditions. Based on the findings, our team develops a comprehensive treatment plan, including in-office procedures or referrals to dermatology specialists if necessary.


Explore regenerative treatments tailored to your unique needs, including platelet-rich plasma therapy for sexual enhancement, orthopedic conditions, and hair thinning. Additionally, discover the benefits of StemWave therapy for sexual optimization and orthopedic revitalization.

Visceral Fat and Body Composition Analyzer

Maintaining a healthy balance between fat and muscle is crucial for overall wellness. Our membership includes an annual visceral fat analysis, helping to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases and increase longevity.

Peptide Therapy

Harness the healing potential of peptide therapy, utilizing amino acid compounds to reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, stimulate hair growth, and support anti-aging therapies. Our personalized approach aims to optimize your health and vitality.

Direct Primary Care Administrative MembershipServices

By limiting our patient panel, we look forward to providing you with accessible and thoughtful care when you need us the most

  • Same or next business day appointments
  • Extended appointment times for wellness discussions
  • Bilingual staff for effective communication
  • Personalized referrals to specialists with appointment assistance
  • Dedicated prior authorization manager for medications
  • Routine in-office visits and hospital or emergency room admission assistance

Direct Primary Care Complimentary Medical Services

  • Urinalysis- in office (Processed by Dr. Rogers)- send out to LabCorp will be billed to patient/insurance
  • Stool hemoccult
  • Flu test        
  • Pregnancy test
  • Strep. Testing            
  • Drug screen in-office (Processed by Dr. Rogers)- send out confirmatory to LabCorp will be billed to patient/insurance
  • Psychiatric testing (PHQ 9, MOCA, ASRS, HAM-A)
  • Yearly Annual lab- Chem 12, TSH, CBC, FLP, Urinalysis, PSA
  • Yearly insulin resistance panel- HbA1c, Fasting insulin and Fasting glucose
  • Yearly cardiac risk marker- hs- CRP
  • Yearly hormone lab evaluation- Estradiol, Progesterone, Total and Free Testosterone, and FSH/LH
  • Yearly EKG with an annual exam

Direct Primary Care offers Multi-SpecialtyServices

  • Internal medicine trained staff for diagnosing and managing acute and recurrent medical issues
  • Board-certified Ob/Gyn for comprehensive gynecological services and in-office procedures
  • Dermatology and plastic surgery-trained nurse practitioners offering dermatologic care and procedures
  • In-office cardiology, vascular, and body ultrasound imaging studies
  • On-site laboratory at the Redland location and LabCorp draw stations
  • Hormone replacement therapy including pellet therapy
  • Hormone Pellet Therapy for Females priced at $299
  • Hormone Therapy for Males is priced at $699
  • SteamWave therapy for musculoskeletal and sexual health using acoustic sound waves
  • Medical Marijuana/Compassionate Use Program
  • Vaccinations
  • VO2 Testing for exercise capacity and zone training
  • Pulmonary Function Testing available
  • A Resting Metabolic Rate Test performed
  • Pap Smear procedure conducted with LabCorp cost of $60
  • PRP Joint Injections provided
Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing

Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing

Yearly Membership Fee: $1,500

No co-pays, deductibles, co- insurance, or surprise billing. You will be receiving care directly from Dr. Rogers Centers.

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