Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in San Antonio, TX

Feb 28 , 2024

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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in San Antonio, TX

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in San Antonio, TX

Weight loss is one of the most common health goals around. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to lose fat on your own. That’s where our weight loss management plans come in. 

At Dr. Rogers Centers in San Antonio, TX, we offer weight loss services that meet your unique needs. Every patient is different, and we tailor your weight loss program to your lifestyle and habits. 

We offer weight loss injections and weight loss programs in our office and virtually. Here’s a peek at what we can do for you. 

Addressing All Pieces of the Weight Loss Puzzle

Medical weight loss is not one size fits all. There are many factors involved in losing weight and keeping it off for good. 

Our weight management services are designed to address all the challenges you face. From nutrition to injections for weight loss to lifestyle changes, we can help you with every factor of successful weight loss. 

Metabolism Testing

Your metabolism determines how quickly and effectively your body uses food for energy. Patients with slow or ineffective metabolisms usually have a harder time losing weight. 

We perform metabolism testing to see how many calories you burn with and without food. We also test how your body responds to carbohydrates and fats on a daily basis. 

Metabolism testing gives us a better picture of what’s happening inside your body. If you struggle to lose weight and keep it off, this step is essential. 

Biometric Assessment

A biometric assessment includes your vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight. We also measure the circumference of various parts of your body so we can track how many inches you lose. 

We perform EKGs to stay up to date with your heart health. This is especially important for obese patients, as obesity can negatively impact heart function. 

We take body composition measurements as well. Body composition indicates the percentages of body fat and lean muscle mass you have. 

These are basic measurements that give us a picture of your general health and body composition. We perform biometric assessments regularly when you participate in our weight loss programs.

Nutrition Counseling

Our weight loss services include in-depth nutrition counseling, which will help you learn which foods are healthiest and can help you reach your goals. Our nutrition counselors will create a customized plan for you to meet your health needs. 

We take several types of diets into account:

  • Keto
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Calorie deficit
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Intermittent fasting

If you have any of these restrictions, we will follow them accordingly. 

Injections for Weight Loss

If you join our weight loss program, we offer the option of taking weight loss injections and other medications. These can increase your metabolism and fight excessive hunger, making it easier to eat healthy portions of food throughout the day. 

Weight loss injections include both metabolism-boosting and appetite-suppressing ingredients. These injections help you keep extra weight off by giving you the tools to manage your appetite and eating habits. 

Lab Testing: Protecting Your Health Long Term

All patients who enter our weight loss management program receive laboratory testing. These tests check for kidney, liver, and thyroid problems. 

Diabetes and other serious health conditions are often made worse by being overweight or obese. People with higher body fat percentages have higher risks for health complications. 

We make sure that your lab values stay within normal ranges so that we can tailor your weight loss management plan to best suit your needs. Your well-being is our top priority. 

Bariatric Medical Evaluations: Health and Lifestyle Changes

Our bariatric medical evaluations aim to help you get in shape and remain healthy for the rest of your life. 

Carrying excess body fat puts you at risk for short-term and long-term health problems. Our bariatric evaluations offer you beneficial recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

For example, we offer macronutrient and micronutrient counseling. Both types of nutrients are important for protecting your health and keeping you satisfied for longer periods after eating. 

We also have meal replacement plans if you struggle with avoiding calorie-dense foods. Meal replacements supply your body with beneficial nutrients without the extra calories and fat. 

Go Virtual! Weight Management Online

If you are not in San Antonio, you can still receive our weight loss programs virtually. We’re excited to offer virtual weight loss management plans. 

You can work with both our bariatric provider and nutritional staff to meet your weight loss goals. We understand that you may have a busy schedule or struggle with mobility. Our virtual weight loss services make your goals possible. 

We have online scheduling available for all patients, making your bariatric counseling accessible anywhere. We also offer online shopping for meal replacements, weight loss injections, and vitamins. 

You don’t have to come to our office in person to reap the benefits of our stellar medical weight loss plans.

The Major Health Benefits of Successful Weight Loss 

Losing excess body fat can significantly improve your overall health. It’s not just about aesthetics — medical weight loss is about satisfaction and quality of life. 

Some of the benefits of medical weight loss include the following:

  • Improved heart health and circulation
  • Decreased fluid retention
  • Longer average lifespan
  • Lower risk of disease
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved mood
  • Better fitness
  • Clearer skin

Protect your health and put yourself first by taking advantage of our weight loss and wellness services.

Get the Help You Need to Lose Weight in San Antonio, TX

We’re here to support you in your weight loss journey. Contact Dr. Rogers Centers or log on to our virtual weight loss programs to get started on your journey today.