After 17 years of experience and proven success, we’re so thrilled to announce the Dr. Rogers Weight Loss Program has received a fabulous upgrade! Expertly run by professional bariatric trained physicians and staff, we’ve taken your feedback and made it more accessible, convenient, and added brand new features, including:

  • Online Store: Pickup or Ship your favorite meal replacements, vitamins/minerals and injections!
  • Online Scheduling: No more waiting on the phone or leaving voicemails to get scheduled!

How To Get Started Virtually

Upon contacting Dr. Rogers Centers Weight Loss Patients Advocate, we will schedule your initial appointment with the bariatric provider virtually.

Weight Loss Includes

Biometric Assessment Discussion

  • Body Composition
  • Vitals
  • Body Measurements
  • EKG

Bariatric Medical Evaluation

  • Individual weight loss plan
  • Appetite suppressant prescription
  • Micro-nutrient recommendations
  • Therapeutic injections Lipotropic/HCG
  • Meal replacement plan
  • Semaglutide Prescription

Nutritional Counseling

  • Based on metabolic testing
  • Customized meal plan
    • Ketotic
    • Calorie Reductions
    • Diabetic
    • intermittent fasting
    • Vegan

Ongoing Virtual Visits

  • Bariatric Provider
  • Nutritional staff

Real Patient Results