A change in your hormones can affect your physical and mental health. As you get older, your body changes. If you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance, you need a solution that can offer effective results. There is a highly effective treatment that targets your specific hormone imbalance. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is an advanced treatment that restores balance to your hormone levels and reduces the symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, memory loss, anxiety, and much more.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of BHRT, give us a call to schedule a consultation. Dr. Rogers Centers will ensure you get the help you need. You can count on us to be with you through your journey. 

What is BHRT? 

Bioidentical hormones are synthetic hormones made to mimic your natural hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen, in a precise manner. These artificial hormones can alter a deficiency or surplus of particular sex hormones. The treatment we offer is typically used by people experiencing age-related changes in their hormones, such as menopause. Regardless of age or sex, BHRT therapy is suitable for your hormone imbalances and can help you with your physical and mental symptoms. 

We understand that a hormone imbalance can take a toll on mental and physical health. That is why we offer a reliable solution for hormone imbalances. With BHRT treatment, we can mimic your natural hormones. 

Why Do Hormone Imbalances Occur? 

Age is the leading contributor to hormone imbalances. However, factors such as chronic illness, stress, and malnutrition can also cause hormone levels to change. BHRT can significantly reduce symptoms, such as mood swings, sleepless nights, anxiety, and weight fluctuations caused by hormonal imbalances. 

What is BHRT Pellet Therapy? 

BHRT is administered with hormone pellets. This technique delivers the exact amount of hormones your body needs. We can’t reverse the changes in your hormone levels, but we can treat the symptoms. While your body relies on your hormones to function properly, BHRT therapy alleviates symptoms and provides mental and physical relief. 

The hormone pellets are the size of a rice grain. We will make a small incision in your lower hip and insert the pellet. We use the hip area because it is fleshy. As an alternative to injections and pills, the pellet is placed under the muscle tissue and offers slow release. Once the hormone pellet is inserted, we will close the incisions with medical tape and give you detailed instructions on how to care for the wound. Your immune system will take a few months to absorb the pellet. This will allow you to adapt to the changes gradually and naturally. BHRT pellets are a preferred method for many people experiencing hormone imbalances. 

How Do I Know I Need BHRT Treatment? 

Many people lead busy lifestyles, have stressful jobs, and worry constantly. This can lead to irregular sleeping patterns, mood swings, anxiety, and memory loss. However, if these symptoms are disrupting your life, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Some of the following symptoms may indicate an imbalance of hormones: 

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Unexplained weight gain 
  • Chronic stress 
  • Erratic mood swings 
  • Depression 
  • Low or no sex drive 

While these symptoms may not always be obvious, it is always better to know their cause. If you are concerned about your hormone levels, schedule a consultation with us. 

Schedule a Consultation To Discuss Your BHRT Treatment 

While you may not know the exact cause of the changes you are experiencing, a good place to start is an initial consultation. During your consultation, we will assess your current health condition, lifestyle choices, and medical history. We will also require blood tests. This information will tell us if you have a hormone imbalance. If your hormone levels are not ideal, we will create a BHRT pellet therapy treatment plan uniquely suited to your needs. 

The Benefits of  San Antonio Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

BHRT pellet therapy offers many benefits. In addition to alleviating your symptoms, the process and side effects are unmatched. Here are a few reasons to schedule your BHRT therapy today: 

Natural Results 

Because the hormone pellets offer a slow-release delivery, you will experience steady and gradual results. The changes in hormone levels may even take up to four weeks to become noticeable. 

Quick Treatments 

If you lead a busy lifestyle, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is perfect for you. The session is quick and does not require much downtime. You can even go back to work and drive after the pellet has been inserted. 

No Pills

With one of the symptoms of hormone imbalance being memory loss, BHRT does not require you to take pills to alleviate symptoms. Just one insert can give you relief for months. 

Long-Lasting Effects 

While results may vary due to stress levels, physical activity, and medication, you can enjoy relief for up to six months with just one insert. When the effects of BHRT wear off, you can schedule a follow-up treatment to maintain the results. 

Relieves Your Symptoms 

You can enjoy a good night’s rest, a clear mental state of mind, less stress and anxiety, and increased energy levels. Additionally, the treatment is convenient and highly efficient. 

Gain Relief With BHRT in San Antonio, TX 

If you are unsure about your hormone levels, BHRT pellet therapy may be right for you. You don’t have to live with these uncomfortable symptoms. Take control of your mental and physical health today. 

At Dr. Rogers Centers, we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women of all ages that want relief from hormone imbalances. Call us at 210-495-2117 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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