Most comprehensive testing, now available to all!

Heart disease is a leading killer of men and women in the United States followed by kidney disease, strokes, abdominal aneurysms, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.  Fortunately, cardiovascular disease can be treated and prevented through early detection.

Therefore, at Dr. Rogers Centers we developed an Executive Annual Physical to provided non-invasive, in-depth testing modalities to detect early markers for cardiovascular, kidney, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.  Traditionally available only to high-powered executives with major corporations, we’ve made the Executive Physical available to all our patients because we believe in the power of early detection and a holistic approach to your health.

The testing includes:

  • Screening ultrasounds-
    • Carotid for stoke prevention
    • Abdominal aorta to evaluate for aneurysm
    • Left sided heart echocardiogram to rule out mitral valve regurgitation or left sided enlargement of the heart
      • Note- All above ultrasounds are interpreted by a cardiologist.
    • Blood vessel flexibility testing to assess pre-hypertension or hypertensive disease progression
    • Screening lab work for:
      • Thyroid function
      • Liver function
      • Kidney filtration and function
      • Cardiovascular inflammatory markers
      • Urological evaluation
      • Hormone Screening
    • Waist/ Hip ratio- identifies risk for diabetes and metabolic disorders
    • Blood pressure treadmill test
    • Ankle-Brachial Index Test- screening for lower extremity vascular disease
    • EKG

What to expect

At Dr. Rogers Centers our preventative specialty trained staff will conduct a series of in-depth medical assessments, health screenings and diagnostic imaging tests all coordinated with a cardiologist who reviews all of the vascular studies and a radiologist who interprets all of the full diagnostic testing results.

Executive workflow

The exam typically takes 2 full hours.  We recommend bringing or wearing comfortable clothes and tennis shoes for the treadmill test. Many women wear sports bras for comfort.  Please fast for 8-12 hours before your visit.  Please stay hydrated with water.

Day of your visit:

  • Fasting lab work will be drawn by our in clinic phlebotomist.
  • Then the radiology technician will perform all of the ultrasound testing, treadmill test and blood pressure assessments.
  • Then you will proceed to a clinic exam room. You will be greeted by one of our medical assistants who will gather body measurements, body biometrics and electrocardiogram.
  • During this time the medical staff will be reviewing your current diagnostic measurements for review.

At this point, your personal consultation with one of Dr. Rogers Center’s medical staff will take place.

  • We will begin with a detailed review of your complete medical history.
  • We will conduct an age appropriate through physical examination with special emphasis on the cardiovascular system and preventative health recommended measures.
  • Combining results from your history, your physical examination and your on-site testing we will explain and make recommendations for follow-up testing and initiate your wellness plan.

Follow-up visit

  • Usually occurs 4-6 weeks after the initial visit to gather data results and lend time to initial treatment plan.
  • A comprehensive analysis of all the testing is synthesized in a colorful result oriented take home report.
  • Cardiology and radiology reports are also discussed at the time of the follow-up visit.
  • Review of initial therapies and further recommendations for wellness will be discussed.