What Is an O shot?

What Is an O shot?

As we grow older, we experience changes in our sexual function. For women, this could include vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, lax skin in the genital area, and even incontinence. Here at Dr. Rogers Centers in San Antonio, TX, we offer a sexual wellness shot called the O shot, which is short for Orgasm Shot. This treatment is designed to reduce these negative symptoms and help you regain a satisfying intimate life.

To rejuvenate the tissues of your vaginal area, we inject a substance derived from your own blood, called platelet-rich plasma. This contains healing agents that will promote new, healthy cell growth. Let’s explore which kinds of issues the shot can treat and what happens during your session.

What Is the O Shot and What Are Its Uses?

The Orgasm Shot is a natural and beneficial treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma from your own body to restore tissue health. Because the platelets and plasma come from you, there are very few downsides, so the treatment is worth it for anyone who is experiencing reduced sexual function or urinary incontinence. The method is non-invasive, and recovery time is minimal. You will be able to go home straight away.

Most commonly, women come to our clinic with concerns related to urinary incontinence or vaginal atrophy, but there are several other issues that can be addressed by an Orgasm shot. For example, it can restore the plump and taut look of your genitals and enhance your sexual desire and pleasure.

Urinary Incontinence

Up to a third of the US population experiences urinary incontinence at some point, and the condition affects older women particularly frequently. It can happen after childbirth or when you go through menopause, and there are two types. While you won’t necessarily notice that you’re passing small droplets of urine if you have stress incontinence, you will be plagued by a frequent need to go to the bathroom immediately if you suffer from urge incontinence.

The problem may be particularly noticeable when you laugh, cough, or sneeze, and can affect your daily life in a negative way. Fortunately, we can inject PRP close to your urethra, where your old and degraded tissues can then be restored. This will strengthen the muscles involved in controlling your urine flow, so you may be able to stop using pads or medications after treatment.

Vaginal Atrophy

Another major concern is vaginal atrophy, a painful and disruptive condition that is caused by changes to the vaginal lining. This may grow dry and thin over time, and as a result, you may bleed, itch, and find sexual intercourse uncomfortable. The cause of vaginal atrophy is a drop in estrogen levels, which usually happens during menopause, though the condition can also affect younger women.

If you are experiencing vaginal atrophy, the Orgasm shot could be the solution you’ve been looking for. It can effectively regenerate the cells of your vaginal lining and reduce these symptoms within a few days or weeks.

Other Symptoms of Aging

Atrophy isn’t the only symptom that may affect your sexual health. Many women also experience reduced sexual desire, which can be addressed by getting a PRP injection. The platelets can increase sensitivity in the genital area, remove the wrinkled or sagging appearance of the vulva, and tighten the tissues of your vagina. As a result, you are likely to enjoy sex much more and develop a greater desire to be intimate on a regular basis.

What the Treatment Does

In essence, PRP treatment mimics what happens when your body is injured. Platelets are usually sent to the site of a wound to promote blood clotting and encourage the growth of new, healthy cells. After injecting the PRP in the most sensitive area of the vagina, the O-spot, it will work to build up healthy tissues and rejuvenate the local area.

What To Expect During Treatment

If you’re considering the O shot, you may be curious about what to expect when you come to the clinic. Before getting started, we will invite you to an initial consultation, so we can discuss your symptoms and desired results. At that time, we can assess your medical history to determine whether this is a good method for you. We will also ask you about any previous solutions you have tried and any medications you take.

Once we’ve decided that PRP is right for you, we will then come up with a treatment plan. Typically, patients receive one shot into the wall of the vagina and another one into the clitoris, but the exact location and number will depend on your symptoms and goals.

Before Your Appointment

You won’t have to change your lifestyle too much before your appointment. The Orgasm Shot is a minimally invasive treatment, so you won’t need to prepare for it like you would for surgery. However, we will give you certain guidelines to follow. For instance, you will have to stop taking any blood-thinning medication to make sure that the injection is safe.

During Your Session

Treatment starts with your blood being drawn and spun in a centrifuge to create the platelet-rich plasma. At the same time, we will apply some numbing cream to your genital area, so your treatment will be pain-free. After a few minutes, we can check whether the cream has taken effect, then get started on the injections. The vast majority of our patients don’t report any pain during the session, just feel a slight pinch and a warm sensation.

The whole process should take only around 30 minutes, so you can be in and out of the clinic within the hour. Some people only need one Orgasm shot, but others come back to us around 8 weeks later to get a top-up. We may suggest this during your initial appointment if we think it’s necessary, but if not, you can always book an extra session later on to enhance your results.


Because of the gentle nature of this treatment, you’ll be able to drive yourself home or back to the office after your appointment. You can resume the majority of activities right away, but you’ll need to stay away from blood-thinning medication for around a week. Instead, you should use Tylenol and apply an ice pack to the area if you need to.

Some women experience instant results from the Orgasm shot, and you may benefit from heightened sensation in your genital area as soon as 3-7 days after treatment. Over the next 3-9 weeks, the new tissue starts to form, and you will gradually notice the effects of your injection. You should be able to enjoy the full results three months after your initial appointment.

Should You Get the Shot?

The Orgasm Shot is a great way to improve your sexual wellbeing and eliminate urinary incontinence. Many of our patients love it because it’s so simple and quick. They also appreciate that the effects last for over a year and often as long as 18 months. You don’t need to take medication on a regular basis or undergo lengthy and costly sessions every month.

Because of its minimally invasive nature, the treatment is available to almost everyone, although we ask you to wait if you’re currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an active infection in the vaginal area. The best way to find out whether you’re eligible is to come to our clinic and speak to our experienced team.

Regain Your Sexual Health Now

If you’re struggling with changes to your genital area or urinary incontinence, the O shot could be the solution you’ve been looking for. The injection makes use of platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to rejuvenate and heal the tissue around your vagina. As a result, you can expect the symptoms of incontinence and vaginal atrophy to diminish significantly, and you can enjoy an improved sexual life.

To get started, book an initial appointment with us and speak to our professionals. Call or message us at Dr. Rogers Centers in San Antonio, TX. Our friendly team will be more than happy to tell you all about this innovative treatment and how it could benefit you.

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